Record Stores in Arizona that You’ve Got to Visit

The most important thing when it comes to shopping for vinyl is comfort. No one wants to page through crates in a small and cramped environment. Everyone wants to feel at ease and relaxed. It makes for a better shopping experience to find something you’re going to love. Something you can’t wait to bring home and drop the needle on.


Of course, it’s important to have something to bring those great records home to. You may still have a record player kicking around the basement. If you don’t, make sure to look up the best record player and find yourself one of these magic time machines. There’s really nothing better than listening to music on a record player. Below, we highlight some record stores in Arizona that makes shopping for vinyls as enjoyable as listening to them:

Revolver Records (Phoenix)

This is one of the most popular record stores in Arizona. It might be because they have a collection of records that is estimated at over 25, 000. They sell both brand new and used records. They have a wide store, with more than adequate aisle spacing. With that many records on the property, you can bet they have them well laid out. They do. They’re also priced rather decently. It’s definitely the first stop you should make when you’re heading out record shopping.

Rockzone Records (Tempe)

They also have over 20, 000 records in their archive. That’s a good enough reason to stop by and see if they have something that’s up your alley. They carry both new and used records. There’s going to be something there for every type of music lover. They also have a great store atmosphere. The aisles are wide enough that you can browse at your own comfort and the records are well organized.

Record Room (Phoenix)

This one lacks atmosphere. The store itself is small and a little cluttered. But what it lacks in atmosphere it makes up for with product. There’s a large collection of fresh records, and has a new arrivals section. The best thing about this store is that they have reasonable pricing. That makes it a favorite among local collectors.

Double Nickels Collective (Phoenix)

You may not enjoy the shopping experience of this one. It can be a little cluttered, and overwhelming. The reason they’re worth mentioning is because they are a collective. So, that means this store is like multiple smaller record stores all combined. There are different vendors with different styles and products available. It might be worth checking out.

Bookmans Entertainment Exchange (Mesa/Phoenix/Tuscon/Flagstaff)

Like the store title suggests, Bookmans is actually a book store. They even have a reading area. But they sell a wide variety of other merchandise as well. This includes the best acoustic guitars, home recording studio equipment, and records. Yes, their record selection is limited, but they are sorted well. You never know if you’re going to find something rare. While they shouldn’t be your first stop, you shouldn’t dismiss them either. You might happen to come across many great items.

Speaking of great items; There are a collection of other places that have records available. Some examples are Tracks in Wax and Asylum Records, both in Phoenix. Every now and then, you’ll find gems in these stores. Zia Records in Phoenix is also worth mentioning. They have a decent collection and multiple stores. It may be tedious to sift through a pile of records in each store, but it’s all well worth the hunt for vinyls.

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