Reasons Why the Heat in Arizona isn’t that Bad

The sweeping views of the desert southwest are calling your name. But there’s just one thing: You’re not exactly enamored with the thought of carrying a hand fan everywhere you go in order to get a little break from the heat.

In other words, you have it in your mind that Arizona’s heat is just too much to bear. But don’t worry, friends — it’s not really as bad as all that. Here’s why:

1. Heating bill? Never again.

Ever had to pay an astronomical heating bill in the wintertime, simply to keep you and your family from freezing into popsicles? You’ll never have to do something so miserable ever again. Heck, even your tankless water heater will hardly ever have to kick in — and all of that is going to mean savings on your year-round utility bills, and lower heating bills in general.

2. It beats the tropics.

Ever tried to wade through the thick mire of an ultra-humid day? Sure, Arizona’s temperatures may get into the 100’s, but because there is no humidity along with it, it’s far better than it could be with moisture added. Basically, be happy that it’s a dry heat.

3. They don’t skimp on A/C.

Here’s another thing Arizona has over the tropics: There is air conditioning everywhere. Unlike many countries that suffer through oppressive heat without the benefit of strong air conditioning, Arizona’s businesses and homes come well-equipped with lots and lots of A/C. If you want to bring along your very own mobile A/C, you can check out portable air-conditioner reviews.

4. Shoveled snow lately?

Living in a climate in which the seasons don’t change quite so dramatically has yet another big benefit: no snow in most parts of Arizona. If you’ve ever lived in a cold climate, then try to conjure up the image of the snow boots, the snow shovels, and the backbreaking work of removing that snow from your sidewalk, like every single day. Just the thought of it probably gave you a little shiver, right?

5. Ah, glorious nights…

And here’s another reason to love dry heat: It means that things cool down at night. Once that ball of fire has descended below the horizon, you can expect your evenings to be pleasant. With that in mind, don’t forget your reflective clothing, because the dark is definitely the time when people in Arizona tend to get out and get in their workouts.


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